Surplus auction wood – not to be

I was watching an online auction for some sheet stock – 78 sheets of mdf and possibly melamine particleboard. The description said particleboard, but it was mdf in the photos, and the size was given as 49×97. A lot of it was “vinyl” covered on one side, which I took to be melamine, not really sure.

I bid it up to $500 but an automated bid always raised it $.01. I couldn’t watch the last hour of the auction, but it sold for $536. That irked me to miss it so close. I had a friend to go in half with me on it, and I had a good chunk of my share resold already for $10/sheet. That’s the way it goes.

If I had won, it would have been fun picking up 9000 lbs of the stuff and getting it to storage without losing half of it to the rain. I suppose it’s probably for the best.


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