It’s still too hot to work in the garage. Someday I’ll have a climate-controlled shop, for the wood of course!

I built a large crosscut sled last February (2-ft x 4-ft, need to put up pics). I made two runners out of MDF, so the sled will track straight in my table saw. I made it just loose enough to slide easily, and it worked well for a month or so. As soon as winter transitioned into spring, the MDF swelled up enough that the runners won’t even fit into the slots in my saw. I thought MDF was supposed to be stable?

This gave me a chance to destructively test my glue bond on the old runners. These were MDF held to the slick side of hardboard with year-old (at least) Titebond 2 and no fasteners. It held well enough for normal use, but I could break the bond with a moderate whack with a hammer. I didn’t knock them completely apart so I haven’t looked at what part of the joint failed. If it looks interesting and I can get some good pics I’ll put them up. Both MDF and hardboard are very good for specific applications but pretty lousy for anything else, and neither of them are structural materials, so it doesn’t bother me that I can’t glue them together well.

So now I’m making another one. My first thought was to leave the first one, make one now while it’s sticky, and then just have two, one for summer and one for winter. But I found some .325 thick ABS plastic that I cut down to 3/4″ without too much trouble. Let’s see that swell up.